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I love my job, the people I work with and I adore my three children. It can sometimes feel hard to juggle both, along with everything else and constant 'lists' we have to deal with.

Whether you decided to return to your career or not after having children, whichever was best for you, most of us can relate to feelings of 'mum guilt', so I started a blog on this subject. By sharing and collaborating blog conversations with other Guilty Mothers, I hope we can all start to feel less guilty overall.

Like many parents, I am constantly trying to find the perfect balance between work and home life. A survey by Talking Talent, a coaching company that focuses on female employees, found that 51% of respondents were worried about being distracted at work by motherhood and 'feeling guilty' about leaving their child. The same proportion also thought they'd be viewed negatively by colleagues as a result of coming back to work.

I have been very successful and fortunate in my business career so far. I have been officially recognised for my career success in many ways over the years, including being shortlisted for Female Entrepreneur of the Year in 2007 for Growing Business magazine. I have appeared in Cosmopolitan magazine and was awarded ’35 under 35’ in Management Today magazine in 2010 as featured in The Times.

My work is important to me and so, although I definitely don't have all the answers, I have come to the conclusion that guilt will probably always be there, I have learnt to manage it a little bit better.

Writing about it seems to help and my blog is now loved by over forty thousand followers, which is simply amazing. 

The most important thing to remember about motherhood is that the perfect mum is the imperfect mum. Sometimes you just need someone to tell you that you're doing a great job. And this is me, telling you; you are doing a great job.

Please go and follow the blog ( I'm sure you'll enjoy it.