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tech Entrepreneur. international AUTHOR. Speaker. 

People will know Jo from her global award winning mobile tech company, Active Digital, which she co-owns with her brother. They have been running the company together for over twenty years ago since they were both teenagers. A real 'schoolroom to boardroom' story.

Asides from co-running the tech company, Jo is a motivational speaker and an expert in women in leadership. Jo specialises in encouraging more women to step into more senior management roles through a number of talks and workshops designed for business. 

She is an award winning writer, sharing her views, which have been featured in The Guardian, Training Journal, Changeboard, InStyle UK magazine and on The BBC. In 2010, Jo was selected in Management Today's '35 under 35' as featured in The Sunday Times. She then went on to win three Women in Business awards in 2016, 2017 and 2018. In recent months, Jo was championed in the prestigious We Are The City 'Top 100 Women in Tech' features as well as appearing on Sky News.

In 2016, Jo started blogging under the name 'Guilty Mother' about mum guilt to open up a variety of conversations around parenting, work life balance and how we build resilience into our children. The award winning blog is now enjoyed by 55,000 followers across the globe. 


Jo is a registered school speaker, going into schools and colleges to deliver her talk to students about building their future (and here's the trick - you don't always have to be an A grade student to be a successful entrepreneur).  She felt an overwhelming need to give back and share her story with others, so they could take something from what she had learnt. She says that she spent so much of my adult life learning from others, and more importantly, learning from her mistakes - so it's time to share.

Rise of the Girl - Available Now in the UK, US and in Australia from 18th January 2022.

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storytelling that truly inspires 

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